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Thank you for taking time to view my paintings.
I am Klaudia Greenoak and not long ago, I discovered my ability to paint. Since then, I have painted almost every day, this mostly on the island of Crete, where I spend many months of the year.
Crete, so unpredictable and unique in her beauty, inspires me very much. I also write short stories about the land and it`s people. I live with my husband, Adrian, who is a writer and creative in many artistic disciplines. He supports and encourages me in my new ideas and projects.
I paint using acrylic paints on canvas and on plywood and fiberboard. Sometimes I use indian ink, metallic colors and gold. I also like to experiment with diverse techniques.
I mostly paint women`s faces. These are not portraits, but are of my imagination, inspired by realities.
I also paint mystic landscapes and flowers. Some of my pictures are rooted in Greek mythology.
Everything, I have achieved has come naturally to me. I have learned much by testing and studying the works of Old Masters.

Klaudia Greenoak

Klaudia Greenoak



In late summer 2014, thanks to the generous support from Manolis Apostolakis, who lent us the rooms of his taverna, we exhibited some of my works.
The exhibition, under the title “Faces”, was held in the taverna “Marouvas” in Vamos (Crete/Greece), and lasted from the 8th till the 17th of September 2014.
This small event was well promoted in the press and, unexpectedly, raised much interest.
The visitors were the local citizens and friends, also tourists, members of the local government and people who travelled from afar.
The exhibition was well received and many of the visitors look forward to the next one.


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